TRASHtalk… where it all began


Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A

S..o, you may wonder how we started FridayEats or how TRASHtalk started.  Ashley and I have known each other for awhile. We both worked for Chase Oaks in Student ministry, and when I met Ash I knew she was someone I wanted to hang around. She is contagious. We have always been friends, but when she started working full-time, we began to hang out a little more.We love to push each other’s buttons, and we each have a few to push.

Ashley: And you are currently pushing one of mine right now. I don’t like this much talk about myself.So let’s get back to the story.

We would get off work at noon on Fridays so we started a tradition of going to Chick-Fil-A for lunch.

Ashley: Chick-Fil-A, can do no wrong by the way. See what I did there? I rhymed.

That’s a stretch. Whatevs. Every Friday, we would go eat at the same Chick-Fil-A, the one on McDermott Drive in Allen. We would begin to know the workers there and even begin to believe they knew who we were. Connie was our favorite.

Ashley: Oh my goodness, I adore Connie. I mean, she is presh and adorbs. The only downside is literally she has no idea we even exist, yet I can confidently say I’m her biggest fan.

Yeah, we did kinda creep on her. That reminds


Connie with her sweet husband. He would always come and eat lunch with her on her break.

me of the time when Beth came with us one Friday to eat. Basically, we were telling Beth all about her, and Connie walks up to our table and totally treated us like strangers, not the regulars that we were. Regulars that had been going weekly for almost a year. At that point, Beth rolls her eyes and proceeds to tell us how weird we are, in which we had nothing to prove her wrong.

Ashley: Yeah, she’s right. We are weird.

We made this a tradition. When I turned 50, I made a list of 50 things to do while I was 50. One of the things on that list was to eat at local restaurants (not chains) in our area that I had never eaten at before. For my birthday, Ashley gave me a basket of 50 gifts. Knowing about my list, some of the gifts were directly related to it. So, that is where FridayEats started. 

Ashley: And clearly I had to be a good friend and enjoy good food all for the sake of Tracy. Thank God, she’s really the good friend here.

When Ashley was in college, her nickname was Bad Ash, so we meldged our names and call ourselves Trash. I know that sounds bad, but we also happen to love trash talking.

Ashley: By the way, we back up our trash talk too. Ask Jack, one of our co-workers, as he recently was beneficiary of our trash talk and also loser to us as well.

Oh that is such fun. Trash talk is in our bloodline. Just wait and you will see much more of it. We hope you enjoy the blog. Hearing about great places to eat, fun places to sit outside and enjoy the scenery, and along the way, hear a little Trashtalk.  Mostly given by the infamous Bad Ash.

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6 Responses to TRASHtalk… where it all began

  1. lorieubanks says:

    Where have I been?? I’ve been telling you girls to write a blog and you have been doing it and didn’t even let me know??? I am sooooo late to this party but soooo happy that I have now arrived! So proud of you girls!!


  2. Tracy + Ashley = Trash??? Bwahahaha!!!!! You two are hilarious!


  3. Taffy Pavey says:

    Yay. FridayEats and TrashTalk. I have been anxiously awaiting. Thanks for the honest reviews of your local restaurants (not chains) AND the trash talk. Love y’alls friendship.


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