Off-Site Kitchen is off the grid

February 19, 2016

It was a beautiful day outside. I mean, get some happy thoughts in your mind, heart and soul… things that get me there? A beach, straight up good ice cream, reading a good book, playing a board game with family, eating the perfect steak, serving others, Jamaica mission trip, the list could keep going. What’s yours? Okay, close your eyes and imagine that happiness… Come back to reality! That is how happy this day made me. I step outside and instantly happiness overcomes me. Tracy is probably rolling her eyes at me. It’s February folks, she has yet to get her snow day in! Understandably, she’s reminded of how she was robbed of a winter here. Me? Nah. I’m okay skipping it all together. So now you can truly understand why I insist that we eat outside! Thankfully, while she’s upset she didn’t get her winter, she still enjoys being outside.

So we narrowed it to outside! Thankfully, Dallas offers lots of options in the outside dining category. Off site kitchen is where we landed. I had been there once to have drinks with friends, but had yet to eat there. It has a great outside area where you can not only eat, but play outside (great for those with kids). Off Site Kitchen is at Trinity Groves; a plethora of restaurant options that cater to the outside loving people that I call my people. After you’ve had your fill of food, you can walk it off by walking down the trinity bridge, where you get a good view of downtown Dallas while playing and posing with all the fun on the bridge.

Back to Off Site Kitchen, I ordered a cheeseburger, and Tracy had a IMG_0601Turkey sandwich. Originally, we were going to share fries, but they were too good to share so Tracy got her own and I ate most of hers. Seriously. While the cheeseburger was delicious, IMG_0597it wasn’t a Texas sized burger… I’m grateful because I’d probably eat the whole thing if it were; be prepared to be left wanting a little more.  (Not a bad feeling!) Tracy says something like it’s the best turkey sandwich she ever had, which is not the first or last time I’ll hear her say that I’m sure. But one’s things for sure, it was good! Everyone was happy with their meals.

Off Site Kitchen was definitely a winner! I’m putting it on the “let’s go back if we ever finish this never ending list of restaurants we gotta try” list.

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