Three Blind mice…Blind Butcher


March 4, 2016: Blind Butcher

Today we ended up at the Blind Butcher, just the name alone scared me. Typically our afternoon starts with us saying who is driving; this is where Ash usually steps in and asks for me to drive so she can navigate. (I am not sure why she doesn’t trust me with directions). But I agreed and drove this time, since she is the genius behind most of our picks.

blind butcher 1On our way to each Fridayeats, we look at Yelp and go over reviews of what others have said about the restaurant we chose for the day. Blind Butcher seemed to have two popular things: Duck and Poutine. One, I honestly had never heard of (Poutine) and the other, terrified me (Duck). You see, as a child I was very sensitive about animals, hunting and all of that. Who’s kidding I still am. I’m not against it at all, I just can’t do it myself. My dad was a big duck and dove hunter. One day, my dad went duck hunting and came back with a lot of ducks. He asked me to pop the neck of one of the ducks, and he would hang them in the garage. I couldn’t do this to little daffy (or so that’s what I called them). My dad gave me such a hard time (kidding of course). I also wouldn’t eat any meat, unless it was a cow or chicken. Somehow that didn’t bother me. So he would tell me it was a cow or chicken, only this time I knew better. As I ate the first bite and saw his smile, I knew right away, it was little daffy. My dad loved to have fun and mess with me. I remember the taste very vividly and haven’t tasted it since then… Well until now.blind butcher 11

I decided since everyone was raving about the duck; I would have to create a new memory. It took awhile to take the first bite; I had to close my eyes. So I blindly bit and to my surprise, it was wonderful. I had ordered their special duck sandwich, and it was special.  The pretzel bread is what made it. It came with soft homemade chips on the side, and we each ordered a cherry ale, couldn’t have been better. The atmosphere for outdoor seating is amazing. They have lots of it. Ashley ordered their pork belly poutine, which came out as a plate of French fries covered with cheese and smoky gravy with pork all over. She liked it a lot. I had a few bites, and the pork was very tender. Amazing lunch for sure! Even though we went in blindly, we came out seeing what all the fuss was about. This is a great addition to the choices in Lower Greenville. Very chilled atmosphere. When it comes to the Blind Butcher, you should check them out.


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2 Responses to Three Blind mice…Blind Butcher

  1. lorieubanks says:

    Quack, Quack.
    Not sure if I’m proud of you or not…but glad you enjoyed it! 🙂


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