Grubs at Hubbard’s Cubbard

March 12, 2016

Another Friday passes and we don’t get to do Friday Eats… memory of her ditching me already in the past month, though I can’t remember it, is still fresh on my mind… yes, it’s clear. I’m having Tracy withdrawals here. We are no longer working in the same building and now she goes off to vacation. What is this!?! Thank God she messaged me to see if I wanted to do breakfast on Saturday instead. I waited thirteen seconds before responding, YES!!!

So we trekked out on a Saturday looking for a good, new breakfast place. First off, breakfast food is the BEST kind of food. Love me some morning grubs. Not only is it yummy, it can be eaten, literally any time of the day!

hubbards 3I must confess. We never planned on going here. The place we wanted to go to was closed on Saturday (I know! It doesn’t make sense to be closed on Saturday!?) so we stumbled upon this place… and it was like stumbling back into time. It was clear when we stepped into this place, we were stepping into a place of rich history and deep roots. Hubbard‘s has been around since 1965.

This place is not only a good place to have breakfast, but it’s a great place to do some people watching! I loved seeing older gentlemen sitting at the bar enjoying their newspaper and morning meal; something they probably do at this very place every week. This place just reminded me of some of the “older” gentlemen in my life that I love. One being Mr. Terry Butler, whom we both thought of because we saw some Harley folks there. Not only is Terry a Harley loving dude, he’s a people loving dude! That man truly knows how to love people well. Grateful to be one of those people he has looked out for and takes care of. The other gentleman would be my daddy! This place was just calling out Mr. Friendly Fred’s name. My love for a good old fashioned place is due to this man. He’s taken me on many dates to places similar to this feel, one being the Highland Park Pharmacy. Love those kind of dates because it usually takes my dad down memory lane. Sometimes, I hear the same stories I heard before, sometimes new stories, but I never get tired of hearing them. I need to take my daddy here to hear what memories come out from this visit. Also, he works in Garland so he could very well be a regular sitting at the bar soon. 🙂

hubbards 7This place is located in old downtown Garland, right off of Ninth and main street. It has a ton of options. We asked our friendly waitress what she recommends. She proceeded to basically name everything on the menu, and not in a memorized script way, but in a she genuinely couldn’t decide so she named everything she liked. After I agonized over the decision for several minutes, I settled on a classic two egg special with bacon and biscuit and gravy. Tracy got the Tamale breakfast that came with two tamales, two corn tortillas, two eggs and hash browns. While I didn’t love the eggs, hubbards 6everything else was just right. The biscuit and gravy were absolutely delightful. Tracy branched out with her choice and had no regrets. The service was wonderful. They came by always hubbards 9looking to fill your coffee and check on you, and you didn’t feel rushed at all. As I mentioned already, the environment was awesome. They have the classic soda fountain bar. As we imagined what it looked like in the old times, didn’t seem like much had changed. Sometimes you have a good thing that doesn’t need changing. Check this place out and let us know how it goes!

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