Bad to the (Slow) Bone

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. This year at work, we did a little something different. Instead of taking Good Friday off, we took the Monday afterwards off. It makes sense since we have Friday services to prepare for anyways… this week started off with a beautiful day outside and we got to enjoy every bit of it. Tracy spent the day outside by the lake, and I spent the day with my grandmother (also outside pulling weeds). It was great to change up our rhythms and slow things down!

Speaking IMG_1015of slow… (see what I did there!?) We went to The Slow Bone in Dallas, TX for Friday Eats. Don’t even ask us how to get there… Tracy is notorious for her sense of directions… I, on the other hand, am downright stubborn (I know Tracy is nodding yes right now) about not paying for tolls on highways that our money paid for anyways… So we got there somehow (just going the way the phone told us).

Let me warn you right now, parking is stressful for this popular place. There’s double parking right in front of the building. Though most of the double parking lot was empty, I felt immediate conflict within my driving soul. What if I get stuck in the spot? How do I get out? Is this right? (Tracy is shaking her head right now). Anyways, since it was a late lunch, we were able to find a spot in the back. We walked right up to the front, and there was a line out the door (yes, there’s a line even though it’s late). A long line may stress some out, but both Tracy and I know a line means food worth waiting for!

Indeed the food is worth the parking stress and the not-so-long-of-a-wait line out the door! It moved really fast. Being the typical indecisive self I am, I decided to go big with the three meat plate, more food, less decisions! Tracy went smart with the two meat plate; she got the chicken and brisket. I got the fried chicken, brisket, and old time sausage. For my side, I doubled up on mac and cheese (mainly because I’m picky and their veggies didn’t look appealing to me), and Tracy got the green beans and sweet potatoes. Tracy thought the sauce was amazing, a little spicy mixed with tartness. It was a perfect blend of the two, or so she said. This place definitely puts some heat into everything. For a spicy wimp for myself, it wasn’t too much though! Little note to yourself: the mac and cheese had a hint of jalapenos to it so you’ll love it if you love jalapenos. The plates came with cornbread that were eh. Tracy enjoyed her plate, and to be honest, I was a terrible friend because I didn’t give her near enough attention as I should’ve. Truth be told, I was in love with my fried chicken! I know what you’re thinking… what? Fried chicken at a BBQ place? Yes. I recommend it wholeheartedly. Best fried chicken I’ve ever had (and I’m a fan of Babe’s!). Brisket was delish, and I don’t really remember much about the sausage to be honest. Do Note: they run out of meat. When we came up to order, they had already ran out of ribs so apparently that’s a hit that you may want to take a stab at. Definitely check out The Slow Bone!

On another note, this past weekend, we not only celebrated Easter, but weIMG_1017 also celebrated Tracy’s day of birth (I’m not mentioning this just because I feel bad for my uncomfortable amount of attention I was paying to my fried chicken by the way… maybe a little). Just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for my Friday Eats partner, co-worker, and hipster friend. We have been friends for seven years now, and I am definitely a better person for it! Thank you for doing all the things you do (challenging me, listening, offering help, having a cider with me, giving me thoughtful gifts, being there, and many more things) when I need it most. So glad you were born!


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