Chip off the old block

chips 12It was another beautiful day in Dallas, Texas as Ashley and I were deciding where to go for our next #fridayeatsadventure. She listed off 3 different restaurants as usual, one was called Chips. I was intrigued by this name. You see growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas there was a famous BBQ place called Chips. It was the best. So, I chose Chips. We drove up and just the sign brought me back in time.  We walked in and they had a large menu with many options (even gluten free) which has been somewhat of a challenge when going out to eat. We both ordered burgers, I’ll give you more information on that later, and we both ordered a Londonberry cider . It sounded delicious on a 84 degree spring Texas afternoon. We managed to find a table outside on the patio. The weather was perfect; Ashley and I are a lot alike when it comes to loving the outdoors. I just happen to love it during all seasons, not just summer. What you have to know about me is that if I could live in a tent (my family doesn’t agree with me on this), I would. I love the outdoors more than most. Camping in a tent is my favorite. Every time I am able to go outside and sit, eat, sleep, think, read, sun bathe; well, I’m there.

Back to Chips, both Ashley and I ordered burgers, and they were very good. I got mine cooked medium well with cheese, avocado, tomatoes, and lettuce on a gluten free bun. We shared an order of tater tots that were pretty good. They had a home- made sauce that I liked (jalapeno bacon ketchup), but the sauce took Ashley too much out of her comfort zone to keep eating it. She didn’t not like it though. Ashley ordered hers a little more well done with bacon, fried egg and cheese. The burger was a perfect size and well worth the money spent.

We got our food and I started in a deep conversation with Ashley when she looked at me and said “mom I don’t know”. I really don’t remember anything she said after that because she didn’t even notice she had called me mom until I pointed it out to her (Ashley doesn’t agree with this, in fact Ashley is the one that pointed it out! this is Ashley adding her two cents…). Ten minutes later we were discussing something again and Ashley responded to me calling me Nancee. I knew that when she moved to the Sloan creek campus that things would change, maybe be a little different, but who knew that she would literally forget my name. #newcampusprobs

As we sat there enjoying the warmth and our burgers, I realized our cider wasn’t there yet. I went inside to see what was up, and they brought it about five minutes later. Oh, this cider was so good. It was a draft cider, ice cold and so refreshing. Just the right amount of sweet and dry. This was a great top off for a good lunch.

Chips brought back memories of a time long ago, yes long ago. I’m not going to share how I used to walk to school in the snow. But, I will share that the memories of Chips brought me back to a time when things were simpler. Going out to eat was a rarity and because of that made me savor each flavor I tasted. These were times when you played outside for hours and although your parents had no idea where you were, they felt safe. No-one had cell phones or gaming system, so you played outside. You were forced to use your imagination. My favorite game outside was statue. The person that was “it” would swing you around and when you landed you would freeze into a statue position. When you were unfrozen, you would then act out the character. There are some places that when you think of them, it takes you back to a memory you have sealed in your mind. Chips is one of those places. You could smell the sweet BBQ coming out the windows on a clear day for miles. It reminded me of home.

One thing that I thought of as Ashley and I left Chips, is the memory I had created there. I thought into the future and how one day I might be out to eat at a new place in town and be reminded of my friend Ashley, and how she and I spent many days together on our #Fridayeats enjoying good food and great company.  I dreamt of freezing time through the legacy of friendship. I look forward to many more adventures. This place really is a chip off the old block.  Chips old fashioned hamburgers, really is a chip off the old block.


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