The Pantry

On this Friday Eats, we made it back to a place we’ve been before. Over time, we hope to go back to some of the places we’ve been to before we started the blog so we can write about these places also. So we are back at The Pantry in McKinney, TX! This is an old hardware store turned into a restaurant off the square in downtown McKinney. It’s a fun area, and a wonderful, warm place to dine.

Something you should know about The Pantry is that they have some odd hours. Make sure you look up whether they are open before you head over to visit them. On the bright side, if a place has different hours, they are probably good! This is certainly the case for The Pantry.

  • As we walked in, we quickly realized that there was a group there to meet as well. It was later that we noticed a sign for the group meeting; it was a group of adoptive and foster care parents. It was so fun to watch them meet together. Community is something I highly value; we can’t do this life alone! I can’t imagine being a parent of any sort without having others’ support. There’s the saying that it takes a village to raise a child. Though I have no children, I believe this to be true! I already plan on inviting many people into this “village” if I do, one day, have the privilege of being a parent, who knows??? maybe I’ll be a foster or adoptive parent!

Back to the pantry, you’ll notice in the pictures that Tracy went with the bun-less burger (way to go Tracy for staying strong on your gluten-free diet) with sweet potato tots. I had the chicken fried chicken with a bowl of fruit and side of mashed potatoes. I love me some chicken fried chicken, but I don’t trust most places to try it often. You can certainly trust The Pantry with their chicken fried chicken! The sides were great too. You noticed I made a small attempt to be healthy by picking fruits… Totes worth it! They tasted so fresh and yummy! If you don’t feel the need to be healthy, it’s worth the cheat to try one of their pies! My favorite? Chocolate chip pecan pie. So. Good.

If you are looking at your pantry and thinking… maybe I should go out? Give this (the) Pantry a try!

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  1. lorieubanks says:

    CUUUUUUTE pics! 🙂 And since I’m rather hungry – this food looks especially good right now!

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