RFTP…Eat in peace


This Friday eats was at a small plot of land nestled between car dealerships in old Richardson; it was the Richardson food truck park. I had no idea it was there. We walked in, and the atmosphere was very peaceful and friendly. People brought their pets, and you could tell many of them were regulars at this park. RFTP has a few permanent things such as a interurban bar where their draft beers include ciders, wheat beers and more. They had a really refreshing cranberry cider that we both tried and enjoyed.IMG_2130  One of the great things about this park is they will have different trucks, so if you don’t like it one time you probably will the next.  This night they had CHEZ Flo & KB’s BRATS.  Though the authentic German accent almost swayed is to KB’s, we both ended up ordering from CHEZ Flo. Ashley ordered a ham and cheese sandwich that was loaded with cheese and meat and some fries, seasoned really well and tasted even better. She was really satisfied with her decision.

I ordered a crepe that had black forest ham and a lot of cheese. The dish brought back memories of Ethiopia.IMG_2133 The crepe had the texture and flavor of Injera, an Ethiopian flatbread that I learned to like after visiting there several times. I love it when a scent of something rekindles a memory, especially if it is a sweet memory from Africa. Ethiopia is one of my favorite places. The people we have met there and partnered with will forever have a special place in my heart.There is such a strong sense of community in Ethiopia, no matter where you go you encounter community and friendship. One of my favorite things about their culture is that you live in the “now”.  For instance, if you and I had a meeting together today, but on the way to our meeting, you saw someone you had not seen in awhile. Well, you would stop and spend time with them. Even if that meant being really late or not even showing up to our meeting. It is an understood culture there. Oh and in case you didn’t know Ethiopia will celebrate Happy New Year in September and the year is 2009. All of the world goes by the Gregorian calendar, and they go by the Coptic Calendar. When we first went there in 2007, they had signs up to celebrate the year 2000, the Millennium. Don’t get me started  talking about how they keep time, that is a whole other story. They carry a 12 hour day, and it is 1 o’clock when the sun comes up so 7 is 1. 

Okay, back to Richardson. My food was really good (outside of it being overloaded with cheese), and the outside seating even better. It was a beautiful evening and there was plenty of seating. They had a live band there that was old school country. IMG_2142
I recommend going to Richardson Food Truck Park. The atmosphere is great, the food good, the drinks refreshing. This is a place where I feel fellowship, food, and friendship come together. Which is why Ashley and I started Fridayeats. We love going to new places, hanging out together, and writing about our experiences so that others can enjoy the same. I am looking forward to going back and trying out some other new trucks that stop by to visit.

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  1. lorieubanks says:

    Can’t wait to check it out! Thanks for the great review!


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