Marcus Cafe

For this Friday Eats, we headed over to my old hood, Richardson. I grew up in the Canyon Creek area going to school and church there. My family likes to return to the area to visit a newly developed area called II Creeks Plaza. I’ve probably hit every restaurant there except for this one. Btw, I enjoy all of my restaurant experiences there. Great place to visit on a nice day too as you have great patios options, including one of my favorite coffee places, Pearl Cup. Keep in my mind, I don’t like coffee so I can’t tell you how their coffee is, but it’s a great place to hang out. I can confirm that it has yummy hot chocolate that reminds me of s’mores.

Back to this particular restaurant experience… every time I went to the II Creek’s Plaza, I would notice their awesome looking patio but never actually visited the place. That is until now! It was a sunny day so like all other sunny days, we knew we wanted to eat outside. Memory of this patio’s appearance came back to me. To Marcus Cafe we went! When we walked in, we made the request to be seated outside. The host said the only tables available were ones in direct sun. Being folks who will take on a little heat in order to be outside, we went for it. We did pass two tables that were in the shade so that left a little sour taste in the mouth. The tablecloths were a leather like material, which made it too hot to touch since it’s had been sitting in sun. As you can see it’s a great patio so despite the heat, it was a good outside experience (might want to wait it out for a shady spot though). IMG_1389

They had a variety of options on the menu. I mean variety as you could get a burger or seafood or pasta, whatever you’d like. There were some bread and dip to start us off. We couldn’t figure out exactly what the dip was, but one thing is for sure, it’s good. Tracy wanted to go out on the limb, and she ordered the Bleu Avocado Bomb. It wasn’t what she was expecting, but despite the surprise on the plate, she enjoyed her dish. She does recommend, unless you are an avocado lover, getting the starter size. I got some kind of meat calzone thingy (they don’t call it thingy but I can’t remember what it was called). The bread is fresh, and it was delicious and meaty! I like meaty and am far from a vegaterian or vegan. But they seem to have options for those of you who are! 

Gotta say Frankie’s is still my favorite restaurant in the area. I have to mention my favorite store, Beyond The Door! And my favorite ice cream place, Sweet Fireflies! (or maybe its Sweet Firefly??? Regardless, you can’t miss the only ice cream shop in the plaza!), save room for this. Marcus Caf√© does win favorite patio (among some great patio competition).

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