Sauced Wings

We went closer to home for this
#FridayEats, trying out
Sauced Wings in Allen, TX. I’ve passed by this place many times thinking it wouldn’t be a place for picky me since I’m not a big fan of wings. I heard from a co-worker, thanks Dan, that they had great salads. On this day, I happened to be wanting a salad and we needed to keep it close for time’s sake. So to Sauced Wings we went!

As you can tell, it has a great environment, and it certainly seems like a great environment to check out a big sports game for those who love “sportsing”. When we walked in, there is a huge display of different kinds of sauces. Being the collector nerd that I am, I loved this! Yes, I confess that I am a collector nerd, which I fear one day will turn into hoarding… But for now, I’ve managed to keep it to a few things. I love looking at the styles and designs of essentially the “same thing” and seeing how different they are. Sometimes, you can even see which ones are older vs. the newer ones by their style. I just love it! This sauce collection reminded me of the little bottle cap collection I have going. This is a fun collection for me as it also supports my love for trying a classic bottle of root beer! If you follow me on Insta, you’ll see me post a new bottle of root beer I’m trying out these days. For now, I’m just collecting the caps, but hopefully one day, probably after browsing Pinterest, I’ll have a creative idea to do something with these caps.


Now that I’ve geeked out way too much within one blog post… Sorry!
I try to spread it out so it doesn’t freak people out (insert winking emoji).


My Happy Face

I don’t remember why, I just remember us being REALLY hungry, thus we had some big eyes reading the menu, which led to us ordering a feast! We started off with the pulled pork nachos as an appetizer because I was hungry and was conflicted with the desire for a salad and the desire to be full… We saw this appetizer as a hit on Yelp so we went for it! So glad we did as it was probably my favorite thing among our feast. We both got salads. Tracy went with the waiters’ suggestion, Grilled Chicken Salad. We typically ask our waiter/waitress what they like or what the favorite is; this one wasn’t really convincing me with his answers, seem like he was making answers up, not really knowing what the most popular item on the menu was… so being the skeptic I am, I went with my heart and ordered the Cobb Salad. I loved my salad, and Tracy liked the salad. By the way, the salad could’ve filled me up on its own but of course, I managed enough room to enjoy both the appetizer and the salad! Of course, we couldn’t go to a Wings place without trying some wings so Tracy order some wings as well (don’t judge us by our feast, we were hungry!). She got a couple of boneless wings, Buffalo (1st degree) and Raspberry Chipotle. I tried them both and though I wasn’t converted into a wings loving gal. I thought they were good solid wings, and the Raspberry Chipotle was definitely one I’d get if I were a wings loving kind of gal. Tracy, being a wings loving kind of gal thought the wings were good.

All this to say, I was super satisfied and full at the end of our experience. It was a fun adventure waiting to happen right in our own neighborhood. Check this place out if you get the chance. It gets the “let’s go back if we ever finish this list of place to try out” stamp of approval.


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