Truckyard celebration

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This was an unusual Fridayeats in that we had a guest join us, Callie. This was a celebration for the last day of school.  We let her choose where to go, so she chose   Truck-yard. It is such a cool place with things that look like they came from a junk yard or an old truck yard. Their tag line alone “A come as you are beer garden and adult playground”, lets you know this is a fun place.  They have different options for lunch there with typically 3 food trucks IMG_1523(their website shows a calendar of which trucks are there) a drink truck and inside the building, a bar and a Philly cheese steak place, with the most amazing sandwich ever.  You can’t beat the bread. All of us got the steak, Callie and I got provolone cheese on there, but Ashley went out on a limb and got the one with cheese whiz. Yelp had said that was a popular one.  It is hard to go wrong with any of their cheese steaks, you have to go try it.  But what you really pay for is the atmosphere. You can’t beat it. It’s a different place during the day than at night.  So I suggest if you have children best to go during the day. For adults, it looks like a pretty awesome place with live bands, and a great outdoor seating area with a community feel. I know pets are welcome too as we have seen some cute dogs there while hanging out.

So because it was the last day of school I was doing a scavenger hunt for Callie (which I have now been doing since Courtney -my oldest daughter started kindergarten). I do a sign IMG_3464 (1)and a celebration, and I have clues for her (I did a separate hunt for each child) to go on a hunt.  At each stop, there is goodies and gifts for the summer ending with a cookie cake and typically a bigger surprise or gift.  This is a family tradition. I have done this for each of the kids every year until they graduated.  Exactly like my mother did for me and all three of her kids. My sister does it for her kids and their grand kids do it also. It is fun tradition to celebrate a great school year and kick off the summer. The gifts are typical things you would use in the summer (flip flops, beach towel, maybe concert tickets). When all the kids were home, we would usually get them a fun gift all together. I am a sucker for traditions, and this is one of those we love.

Back to that day. After we ate our amazing sandwiches at the truck yard, we went over to the front of the restaurant on the outside where there is a little homemade ice cream shop named Motor sisters. All the flavors names are famous women. We sat outside reading and learning about some of these women we knew and some we didn’t know. The ice cream was amazing, the history lesson enlightening. So why not try out Truckyard for your next night out. You never know, you may be starting your own tradition.


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