The Old Monk Strikes a Match!

IMG_4073Might be getting tiring for y’all to read but once again we were set on enjoying the outside scenery even though it’s summer here in Texas. Not sure what we were thinking!? But this place came to mind as I have driven by this cool little place called The Old Monk many times and thought “they have a cool patio”… On this day, we decided to give it a shot!

IMG_4076Parking was fun seeing all The Old Monk pictures around; you felt like you were about to walk upon an exciting adventure. So we were excited walking in, but then we immediately felt worried about the kind of adventure we were walking into. We are looking around wondering… Do we sit ourselves? Are there even workers here? Seriously. Where are the waiters/waitresses? We start to walk toward the back to see if we can find someone at the bar that will help us know what to do. Then a waitress walks in and we proceeded to sit outside on the patio. Thankfully, there were workers there as we were starting to wonder how does this place run… Wasn’t the greatest first impression, but we weren’t going to let it deter us from having a good time.

We were led to a table under some serious shade, thank goodness, see note above about summer in Texas. Before even sitting, I was ready to call this visit the best one yet for one reason only. There lying on the table was an Old Monk matchbook that fueled my excitement.

Just recently, my mom came home from a visit with her mom with a couple of boxes. While visiting, I noted that one of the things she brought back was a clear glass bowl of matches. Growing up, we had see this bowl many times and considered it full of treasures. Now this bowl was right before me. Turns out my mom brought this home to give to us (really she said my sister’s name, but I heard my name too, it was assumed). I proceeded to dig through the bowl with my mom. These matches came from many places, and my mom would tell me the stories that came along with some of the matches. One of them being where my parents had their first date. Some of the matches belonged to places that I heard of already. Some of them belonged to places that are no longer open. Steakhouses. Mexican Restaurants. Hotels. These were places that my grandparents had visited throughout their journey of life together. About a year ago, my grandfather (“Pepa”)  passed away, and ever since then, my granny has been giving “treasures” away to family and friends. I was excited to have a collection of matches to show off as treasures passed down from my grandparents

Confession time: I am no monk. The following weekend, my siblings were at my parents’ home and spotted the bowl that had leftover matches after I had taken what I wanted just a couple of days earlier (finders keepers, right?). They proceed to do a draft, taking turns at picking what matches they wanted. I had left plenty of matches for them since I knew they would want some. On this day, I politely declined to partake in this draft… until I saw a couple of matches that I missed the first time around. Of course, they let me have them since I was only taking a few. 😉 Let’s keep this our little secret since I doubt they will be reading this.

Let’s get to actually talking about the visit/food! IMG_1561The atmosphere was great. Adding little touches like my favorite, this little dinosaur on the wall. Not everyone would notice this, let alone appreciate it like I did! It had an European feel to it with touches throughout the restaurant, even with some European “football” on TV. To be honest, I don’t remember what Tracy got… Sorry! Her go to’s are always chicken or turkey club so probably one of those! Hers is the picture on the bottom. I do recall her liking it so that’s all that really matters, right? I got the Pistachio Fried Chicken Sandwich, which was a wonderful choice if I might say so. We both left more than happy, and it wasn’t just because I got a treasure of my own to add to my collection.

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